Corporate IP Consultants, LLC

Corporate IP Consultants, LLC

Providing the services of In-House Intellectual Property Counsel on a consulting basis in order to enhance your relationship with outside counsel and to reduce bottom line IP spend. 

Who We Are

I am a practicing Patent Attorney with over 25 years of experience in both law firm and corporate in-house settings.  Having both perspectives of IP law, I am in the unique situation of understanding the outside counsel position of creating "zero-risk" solutions, as well as the bigger picture incluing issues of budget constraints, return on investment and competitive advantage.

If your business solves problems, you likely need IP counsel!  Every time you create a unique solution to a problem, you potentially have created patentable subject matter.  But it could be that your company was not the first to solve that problem and, unaware to you, by implementing your solution you could be infringing upon the patent rights of another patent owner.  Either way, you need counsel to help protect what is yours and avoid infringing what belongs to someone else.

Especially for smaller businesses, there is often a gap between the outside counsel recommendations and the "bigger picture" considerations of the business.  At Corporate IP Consultants, we are poised to bridge that gap in order to enhance your relationship with your outside counsel, not replace it!  Our goal is to not only enhance the legal advice you are receiving, tailoring it to fit your overall business objective, while also reducing your bottom line IP spend.

Meet Jeff Cutler .

Our Services


We provide cost-effective and timely clearance and patentability searches



Liaise with key in-house personnel to determine IP strategies to strengthen IP portfolio within business-defined goals and with outside counsel to procure IP
Liaise with key in-house personnel and with outside counsel to effectively assert IP against potential infringers and to defend against allegations of infringement from third party IP owners


Status Review

Provide training for in-house personnel to identify and understand IP issues
Monthly review of all open IP items with key in-house personnel and with outside counsel.