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In product development, one of the most important steps to take is to perform a clearance search, sometimes referred to as a "right to use" search.  Corporate IP Consultants ("CIPC") recommends that you have a clearance search performed on each new-to-you feature included in your product to identify any potential infringement issues should you introduce that product to the market.
It may also be that your new feature is in fact new to the industry and may be eligible for patent protection.  This should also be considered before selling or offering for sale your new product in order to maximize the protection that may be available to you.
In order to ensure that you receive the best results for either of these searches, it is important that you have these searches performed by experienced and qualified professionals.  With more than 25 years of searching experience extending beyod the modern electronic search engines, CIPC is well-equipped to perform these searches at generally half the cost a law firm and subsequently a third party search firm will charge.  CIPC is also equipped to review these results to identify any potential infringement issues and provide guidance for potential design-arounds.


Especially deigned for businesses without an in-house IP department, CIPC offers its services to liaise between key personnel to determine how best to protect innovation.  CIPC will also liaise with outside counsel to provide instruction.  This arrangement provides a true "in-house counsel" relationship, in which CIPC can look at all aspects of a given project - legal and business - and offer a reasoned and balanced approach.

For those businesses with an in-house IP department, CIPC can assist with a review of your internal processes for both determining your needs and communicating those to your outside counsel.


Defense includes both defending your own IP portfolio and defending against claims of infringement by other IP owners.  CIPC is here to assist with both - from the due diligence of testing the validity of the IP to be or being asserted, through to settlement (including arbitration and mediation) or litigation.  CIPC is poised to assist with the coordination of in-house resources with outside counsel to ensure that you are best represented in thses matters in order to maximize returns and minimize exposure.

Status Reviews

Again, especially designed for businesses without an in-house IP department, CIPC will organize and conduct monthly status meetings to review all open IP matters - new and old.  This involves direct communiation with:
  • Inventors/engineers for new disclosures
  • Management to discuss relevant business issues including
    • Viability of the relevant products
    • Potential return on investment
    • Competitive advantage
  • Outside counsel to discuss decisions from within the business as well as to hold them accountable for efficient and effective work productivity


Training is a proactive means for understanding the many nuances of IP law.  CIPC is prepared to tailor training sessions for any particular employee or group of employees.  Inventors/engineers will enjoy learning about patent law, while marketing personnel will be more interested in learning about trademark law.  And there will be those who want to know it all!  CIPC can provide training based on your schedule and your needs.